Florence Baker and Asa Meech

Florence Celia Baker
6.6.1881 - 2.9.1964

Spouse: Asa Gordon Meech Jr.
1880 - 1939/40

Parents: John Leonard Baker and Emily Annis Lawrence

Children: Alice Myrna (Easterly), Asa Gordon John Meech, Arthur Loren Meech, Virginia (Hershberger ), Elda Irene (Capra), Edithe Ann Meech, Emily Jane (Stanton), Orpha Jeanne (Park

Reverand Asa Meech

His successor was Reverend Asa Meech, who was installed October 28th, 1812. He enjoyed the favor of the people for a while, but his earnest religious spirit was not able to look with complacence upon the loose and immoral practices of many of the people, and as a consequence he fell into disfavor with the party who were absorbed in sensual and vicious amusements.

Also, c. 1815, the Reverend Asa Meech (Meech Lake) settled just north of Wrightville. The Moore family operated a sawmill in Hull in the 1820's. The Moore family (some of whom pioneered at Rapides des Joachims in the 1840's) were related to the Meech family. Two Moore brothers married daughters of Richard Prentice, UEL. This was the first marriage performed in Nepean Township.

From "Up the Gatineau", published 1981, Marion Meech writes:
"It is an established fact that Asa was located on lot 21 in the 10th range of the Township of Hull in 1821, and that he lived there until his death in 1849 in the home that he built, and that is still there. The Public Archives provides information about the development of the Chelsea area, in petitions for land grants, and in reports of the government land agent, Philemon Wright. From these old papers one's imagination readily creates a picture of scattered homes, growing families, varied labours, and slowly increasing crops and livestock. In November, 1823, Philemon Wright submitted to the governor of the Province a report on the progress, in the preceding two years, of seventeen settler families. Of Asa Meech he says: 48 years, married, 4 children, lot 21, 10th Range, one house, no barns, 24 acres cleared, 6 under cultivations, 15 horn cattle, 15 swine, no labouring men, $50 expenses on the land. Four years later, April 7, 1827, another report by Philemon Wright covers the progress of 53 families. By this time, Asa Meech had lot 22 also, with 12 acres cleared, a barn had been erected, a bee-hive established, and $150 expended on the land. Wright speaks of him as a good industrious farmer with a large family, who wants a charter for a full lot."

The oldest pioneer markers in the Lower Gatineau are found beyond the iron gates of the Protestant graveyard, across the street from l' Agaric Restaurant and behind the old Dunn Hotel (1901) at 253 Old Chelsea Road.
Buried here are such leading pioneers as Massachusetts native Thomas Wright and Asa Meech, a preacher, teacher and doctor for whom Meech Lake in nearby Gatineau Park is named.

Joseph Hetherington married Charlotte Clements, and their first child Joseph was born about 1821. In all they had six sons and one daughter. As the family grew up, evidently the older sons struck out on their own. Joseph, the oldest son, married Lucy Benedict, granddaughter of Samuel Benedict who had come up from New York State in 1801 and taken up 600 acres of land on the Mountain Road. They were living at the northwest end of Meech Lake in 1851, as recorded in the census. The next son John also looked north, for he married Harriet, the daughter of the Reverend Asa Meech, whom lived at the East End of Meech Lake. John probably had a farm on Harrington Lake, and living members of the Hetherington family recall being taken to see the site, on the clearing at the south end of the lake, near the Prime Minister's house. The surveyor Driscoll in 1850 recorded the name Harrington Lake, repeating the error in the 1827 land grant. This could easily result from the local pronunciation of the name - Herndon. However, John did not stay at the lake, and in 1890 was living in Salem, Oregon. The next son Isaac Farmed in Eardley, while his brother Wesley moved to the northwest par of Hull Township. It was the youngest son, Alvy, who stayed at home and inherited the family farm when his father died in 1873.

Glasiers and Meeches
Stephen Glasier was the son of Benjamin Glasier (b. 1802; d. 12th March 1862) and Ann Worden (b. 1800; d. 5th September 1845). He was probably born in New Brunswick, Canada on 24th September 1842. He married Cynthia L. Meach (or Meech) about 1860. Cynthia was the daughter of Rev. Asa Meech and his third wife, Margaret Docksteader.
Cynthia's father, Asa Meech, fathered 21 children. His second wife and several of her children were drowned in a flood in a creek that feeds into Meech Lake.

This is the house in California where Florence and Asa Meech lived in pre-1923.

This is an enlargement of the previous photo.
Shown, left to right are: Lawrence, Virginia, Art, baby Elda, Alice and Gordon.

Elda Irene Meech

Elda Meech and Carl Capra

Elda Irene Meech
11.23.1913 - 2003

Spouse: Carl Cocensa Capra
May 1903 - 5.31.1973

Marriage: 1.3.1930

Parents: Florence Baker and Asa Meech

Children: Donald Capra, Robert Capra, Phillip Capra, Paul Capra

Florence and daughter Elda, in Enid OK, in the 1950s.