Nora Mae Baker

Nora Mae Baker
1.16.1890 - 6.17.1982, Alameda or El Cerrito CA

1. Mr. Saunders
    d. Chicago
2. Dr. Ora A. Clark
3. Alvin E. Yantzie
    b. 2/1/1897, O'Neill, NE, d. 5/26/1976 in Berkeley, CA

Grave: Sunset Mausoleum, Berkeley CA

Parents (adoptive): John Leonard Baker and Emily Ann Lawrence

Children: at least one with John Saunders

Nora Mae Baker was born on January 16, 1890 and died on June 17, 1982 at the age of 92. She was adopted (perhaps unofficially, although she took the last name Baker) by John and Emily Baker. Nora last resided in El Cerrito, California in Contra Costa County.

Armie (Jones) Baker tells Nora's story, c. 1971
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Dr. Ora A. Clark
Dr. Clark

Mrs. Nora Mae Baker Saunders married Ora A. Clark between 1921-1925.

Nora and Al Yantzie - 1974

Alvin E. Yantzie. Married Bessie Hickerson on 5/3/1917 and had a child, Alvin E. Yantzie Jr. His second marriage was to Nora (Baker) Saunders.

Alvin E. Yantzie Jr., was born 6/14,1918 in Milford, Nebraska and died 7/14/1988 in Sacramento, CA. Married to A. Last on 2/1/1937 with one child, D. Yantzie born after 1935. His second marriage was to R. Tanahill on 10/1/1961.

Oakland Tribune, February 3, 1952

Menno Yantzie obituary - The Lincoln Star, February 18, 1970
Menno Yantzie obituary

Nora - c.?