About This Site

"Unbelievable you, impossible me.
The fool who fell out of the family tree."
        James Taylor

This site is the unofficial site of the Weekes family, descendents of Joseph Weekes and Jane Fullerton, who emigrated from County Antrim, Ireland in 1839 to eastern Ontario, Canada.

This site has also become a gathering point for several familes who are related to the Weekes family. We share this site with the wonderful families of Baker (Muriel Weekes' mother's family), Bolton (Roberta Weekes' mother's family), Gallagher (Hannah Weekes' father's family), Hutton (Ivy Mabel Carss Weekes' father's family), Jones (Muriel's grandfather's family), Ready (Roberta's father's family) and Tuck (Muriel's father's family). We also celebrate all of the families that share connections to the Weekes family.

This site was born as a product of work done in preparation for the Weekes Family Reunion held July 28, 2002, near Lombardy Ontario. A group photo is available through the Reunion 2002 link button. To get on the mailing list for subsequent family events, send a message to the Contact Us link, requesting to be added to the Weekes Family mail list.

Pages are often displayed from the perspective of the descendents of Joseph and Jane. The men and women who have joined our family, and who have invited us into their families are included through the page that reflects the Joseph and Jane descendent. This is simply an organizational model, and hopefully helps keep the navigation tree easy to read.

This site is the result of a lot of research and the contribution of many members and friends of the family. While we try to be accurate, there is no guarantee that any of the facts are entirely accurate. It is always a good idea to check source documents and contacts.  If you have any additional data, corrections, suggestions or questions about any of the information contained here, please contact us through the Contact Us link.

Privacy concerns?

If there is information on the site about you or your family that you do not want included on the site, Contact Us and we will remove that information as quickly as possible.

Getting copies of photos and other information

Many photos on the site were scanned at high quality, then reduced in size to be faster to load in your browser. If you are a member of the family, we can send you any particular photographs by email, or, send us your address through the Contact Us link, and we will send you a CDROM with all of the site's best quality photos. And of course, if you send us digital copies of your historic photos, we will add them to the CD image each time it is sent out.

How you can help

This site is much more than a catalog of genetic trails - this is the story of brave families who came to a new world and made enormous contributions to their countries, and their descendents. If you can tell the story of an individual - their life and adventures, their hobbies and interests, their travels and travails, that would be excellent to include on this site. We are always looking for more photos - especially studio photos and family photos, as well as stories.

We are still looking for lost branches of the family, grave site locations and obituaries that tell of lives lived. As we learn more of our Irish, Scottish, English, Dutch and German roots, we will update this site with any new discoveries. Check the What's New page for recent updates.


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