Hutton Family History

[Transcribed by Randy Weekes from a document handwritten on the back of an October 1928 Province of Quebec calendar page. The document is written in one long page but has been broken into paragraphs to make it easier to follow. Spellings and capitalization were copied as written. Any places where there was trouble making out the writing have been indicated. The original is in the hands of Joan Field, in an envelope labeled "Grandpa Hutton's family record." A typed transcription (which was found after working through the original text) says that it was written by Henry Wilkinson Hutton at the request of Isobel (Weekes) Hamlet. Henry was Ivy Hutton's Dad (George O. Weekes' father in law) Henry Wilkinson Hutton, 1841-1935 (who married Lucy Ann Carss 1850-1926). He wrote this when he was 87. It is interesting to note the mobility of the Hutton clan who spread out over much of the continent and the longevity of those who made it past the early years.]


Smiths Falls Nov 3rd 1928

Though I have felt for many years that my knowledge of the history of the Hutton family at least back of the branch to which I belong v.i.z. Wm Hutton late of Wolford Township and as I fell heir to none of the personal effects in the Family house or even the Family Register as kept in the Old family Bible and as I am at this date the oldest living member of our family nor neither can I recall any that were inhabitants of the school District in which our house was embraced that survive ­ I am dependant on legend for what I know of my ancestors.

My grandfather John Hutton migrated with his family from White Hall on the shore of Lake Champlain New York State, in some of the years following the Declaration of Independence 1776-1779 one of those noble U.E. Loyalist groups. He drew Government land on west side of Rideau River opposite Edwards Rapids, where my father Wm Hutton was born 1799.

The other children of the family were Elizabeth, married Elkaush [?rw] Andrew and settled in Montague buried in Vandusens Cemetery, Jane ­ Married P.McCarthy, Burried Wolford Cem. Joseph ­ shot - mistaken for deer at night. George ­ settled in Horton Tp Married a widow Palmer, Died leaving one son William [? This name is written between the lines. I assume it belongs here. There is another typed transcription that interprets the sentence differently, as "William George ­ settled Š leaving one son. rw]

My grandfather perished in the waters of the Rideau near Kilmarnock and I have not been able to locate the place of burial but presume it is in an old cem [missing piece of] on the farm of John Willoughby quite near the location of the family house at the lock.

My grandmother Tabitha moved the family to a small farm two miles southEast of Maitland's Rapids (Kilmarnock) where later she married McIntyre and at her death was buried in Wolford Cem.

Wm Hutton at the age of 30 years married Maria Berney [?rw] some 12 years his junior one of a family that emigrated from Co Wexford Ireland her father a native son her mother an English Goveress [sic]. Their family consisting of father & mother 3 Bros Sons and 5 sisters Daughters. Danial [? Rw] became a methodist preacher, transferred to Michigan and died at Ann Arbor. James a farmer went to Western Ontario and of John I have no facts. Sarah married Thomas Moore raised large family 4 sons 7 daughters I donšt know of a single survivor. Early victims of turburculosis. Jane married Patrick Riley. Lydia Married Geo Butcher a Methodist Minister. Ann married Harrison Coolidge a relative of President Calvin Coolidge.

My mother, Maria Berney [? rw] and William Hutton were married in 1829 and their family of 7 boys and 4 girls were John, Joseph, William, Henry, George [see Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms, Wolford, Vol. 1], Thomas Berney, and James Russell. The girls were Lydia, Dorcus Ann, Elizabeth Jane and Sarah Maria ­ of the girls Docus [?rw] A. died at 1 1/2 years and Sarah M at 3 years Jane at 78 in Cass City Mich ­ Lydia at 90 in Montpelier Vt. The boys John died at 77 at Dover Del Joseph at 82 in Montague, William [missing word rw] Witi..hi..[?rw the other transcription records this as Witchita, but I'm not sure] Falls Texas. Thos age 44 at Buffalo Wyoming US and Russell at 75 at PŠty [?missing letters rw] Alta Canada.

[The document ends here with the last word written in the bottom corner of the page. One wonders if he wrote any more when the November page of the calendar became available. If so, it isn't with the first page. rw.]