Last Will and Testament of Joseph Weekes

A memorial to be Registered pursuant to the
Statute in such case made said provided,
of a Will, which said Will is in the words and figures
following - that is to say.

"North Elmsley April 26th 1854.
The last Will and Testament of W. Joseph Weekes.
This is to certify that I leave and bequeath to
my wife Jane Weekes all my real and personal
property being fifty acers of land more or less
on Rear of Lot Number Nine in the Sixth
Concession of North Elmsley with all the improvements
and stock except the horses which I leave to my
son Alexander Weekes in [ -easous] of John
Hogg and Charlotte Connerty.

(Signed) Joseph Weekes

(Signed) John Hogg
(Signed) Charlotte Connerty

Which said Will is witnessed by John Hogg
of the Township of Elmsley South in the County of
Lanark and Province of Canada, Carpenter
and Charlotte Connerty of the Township of
Kitley in the County of Leeds and said Province,
married woman. And this memorial thereof
is hereby required to be Registered by me
Jane Weekes the Devisee in the said Will
married. As witness my hand and seal
this twenty fifth day of October in the year
of our Lord one thousand eight hundred
and fifty four.

Joseph Weekes

Signed and Sealed
In the presence of

John Hogg
A.J. Smelano

Canada To Wit.
John Hogg of the Township of Elmsley North
in the County of Lanark and the Province of Canada
Carpemter maketh oath and saith that he was
present and did see Jane Weekes the Devisee
in the within memorial named duly sign
and seal the said within memorial, that
he was also present and did see Joseph
Weekes the Estator duly sign and publish
the Will of which the within is a memorial
and further this deposit saith that he is
one of the subscribing witnesses to the said
Will and to the within memorial and that both of
said Instruments were executed within the
County of Lanark.

Sworn before me at the Register's
Office of the County of Lanark, this
25th day of October AD 1854.

James Bell
Registrar County of Lanark

{witnessed) John Hogg

[-----] A North Elmsley
Folio 363
Memorial No 24
Joseph Weekes
R. of 9 {-} 6th Con

Registered on Thursday
the twenty sixth day
October 1854 at [----]
past [---] of the [---]
in the afternoon [-]
A. North Elmsley Folio
363 Memorial No 24

James Bell
Regn by [----]