Edgar Roy Barkley

Audrey, Catherine, Roy and Florence Barkley

Edgar Royal Barkley
Dec. 17, 1891, Osgoode Twp. - Mar. 3, 1981, Winchester

Spouse: Florence Zella Alguire
Dec. 20, 1890 - Nov. 10, 1979

Marriage: Mar. 11, 1914

Grave: Knight's Cemetery

Parents: Roy: Gideon Barkley and Sarah Jones

Children: Audrey Trenlin (1917-2002), Catherine Jean, Alex Gideon (1929), Simon, Isaac Roy (1931)

Roy lived in Osgoode before his marriage, then farmed in Inkerman, and retired inWinchester. His farm was in front of Inkerman railway station. About 1915 the farm buildings burned down.

William Jones Family Tree

Audrey, Roy and Florence

Audrey, Sarah Jones and Catherine

Catherine and Audrey Barkley

58th Anniversary

60th Anniversary

65th Anniversary

Roy's obituary, 1981
Roy's obituary

Florence's obituary - 1979
Florence's obituary

Audrey Trenlin Barkley

Audrey Trenlin Barkley

Spouse: George Bell

Parents: Roy and Florence Barkley

Grave: Maple Ridge - Section F, Chesterville Cemetery

Catherine Jean Barkley

Catherine Jean Barkley

Spouse: Ralph Murdock

Parents: Roy and Florence Barkley