William Connerty and Elizabeth Moore

No Photo Available Name: William Connerty
Birth: 1786, Ireland
Death: Before 1851, Ontario
Spouse: Elizabeth Moore
Birth: 1786, Ballyconnelly, Ireland
Death: October 29, 1874
Grave: Toledo ON
Parents: Elizabeth: William Moore and Frances Proctor
Children: Elizabeth, James, John, Alexander, Catherine, William.

The book "A McKenzie Family of Cromarty, Scotland, Kitley Township, Ontario and elsewhere 1788-1978 ", by Wilfred B. Bruce, contains the following (page 122).

"William Connerty married Elizabeth Moore, and came to Canada from Balleyconnelly and Belfast, Ireland. He came first to the home of his old friend, Thomas Green, whom he had known in Belfast, and then made his home in the same locality. His children, all born in Ireland (probably at Balleyconnelly) were Elizabeth Moore who was born in 1786 and died October 29, 1874.

William's daughter Eliza's obituary says they came to Canada when she was a child, and settled in Kitley. A family member said that the old Connerty house is still standing, and she thinks it's the first house built after the log cabin. It's about 2 miles from Jasper (formerly called Irish Creek) Ontario.

1. Elizabeth - (c.1819, Ballyconnell - 1913) who married her cousin James Moore and lived just east of Jasper. Her children were Eliza, Catherine, Agnes (Hiplop), John and James. She is buried in Maple Vale, Smiths Falls.
2. James - (c.1810, Ballyconnell - 1877) who married Charlotte Weekes. Their children were Elizabeth, Jane, John, Joseph, Emeline, Charlotte and James (Dr. J. Connerty of Smiths Falls) all of whom died childless. He is buried in Toledo.
3. John

- (before 1822 - 1915) who married and lived at or near Histowel or Atwood. He had one daughter who married a Johnston. Buried at Maple Vale, smiths Falls.

From the Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada Wet - Johnstown District, 1799-1851 - "John Connerty, Yeoman, to Mary Conley or Carley, both of Kitley. 19 May 1843, Elmsley, by Licence. Rev. Romanes. Wit. Edward F Weeks, of Smiths Falls, Grocer and Alexander Connerty of Kitley, Yeoman."

4. Alexander

- (c.1813, Ballyconnell - 1898) who married Ellen Edgar. They died childless and were buried in Toledo.

Alexander married Eleanor or Ellen Edgar {44Cs} [MRIN: 203] on 31 Oct 1854 in Kitley Twp, Leeds, Ontario. Eleanor was born on 20 May 1831, died on 29 Jan 1910 aged 78, and was buried Toledo United Church Cemetery in Toledo, Leeds, Ontario. They had no children.

Marriage Notes: Marriage Register of Upper Canada/Canada West, V8 part 2, Johnstown District, 1847-1863; NorSim Reseach and Publishing, Delhi, Ontario, 1996; ISBN 1-896264-15-8; p73: Rev. D. Evans, Church of Scotland, Kitley Twp, Ontario, Alex'r Connerty to E. Edgar, both of Kitley, 31 Oct 1854, witnesses Wm. Connerty and John Edgar

8 Feb 1898 they were living at L21 C7 Leeds County, Ontario.

There were no children.

DEATH: Civil Registration MS935-8 #13593: Alexander Connerty, 8 Feb 1898, 85, L21 C7 Leeds Co, retired farmer, Presbyterian, born Ireland, catarrh of the stomach, Dr. Wm.? L. Dixon, reported by Mrs. Ellen Connerty

5. Catherine - who married her cousin Alexander Moore. Their children William and Jane died childless. They are buried in Maple Vale, Smiths Falls.
6. William

- (1816, Ballyconnell -1867) the youngest who married Maria Green (1825-1900). Their children were

Maria (February 1, 1852 - May 21, 1939) married Hugh MacKenzie. Buried Maple Vale Cemetery, Smiths Falls.

William (December 22, 1853 - December 22, 1926) married to Matilda Merrifield. Buried Wolford Rural Cemetery.

John (Deptember 9, 1855 - October 14, 1937) married to Elizabeth Boad. Buried Maple Vale Cemetery, Smiths Falls?

James Green (March 21, 1859 - April 25, 1935) married Mary Isobel MacGillivray. Buried Maple Vale Cemetery, Smiths Falls.

Eliza Jane (October 21, 1864 - August 21, 1921) married to James Drummond.

William Connerty, his wife Marie Green Connerty and his mother Elizabeth Moore Connerty were buried in Toledo.