Charlotte Weekes and James Conerty

Charlotte Weekes
c. 1821 - 9.14.1886

Spouse: James Conerty
c. 1810 Ballyconnell, Ireland - 3.15.1877

Marriage: 9.21.1842 in Elmsley Twp., Ontario

Grave: St. Andrew's United Cemetery, Toledo ON
James: St. Andrew's United Cemetery, Toledo ON

Charlotte: Joseph Weekes and Jane Fullerton
James: William Connerty and Elizabeth Moore

Children: Jane, Emeline, John, Elizabeth, Charlotte, Dr. James M., Joseph

In "Marriage Registers of Upper Canada / Canada West - Johnstown District 1799-1851, the following details: "James Connerty of Kitley, Yeoman, to Charlotte Weeks of Elmsley, 21 Sept 1842, Elmsley, by banns. Rev. Romanes. Wit. Edward F. Weeks, Teacher, of Kitley, and Robert Hunter, of Elmsley, Yeoman.

Marriage registration
Charlotte and James' Marriage Registration

1851 Kitley Twp. Census
Connorty, James 40 Ire Far Pres
Connorty, Charlotte 30      
Connorty, Elizabeth 8 Can    
Connorty, Jane 5      
Connorty, Emmaline 4      
Connorty, John 3      
Connorty, Joseph 1      

1861 Kitley Twp. Census
Connorty, James 45m Ire Far CofS
Connorty, Sarah 38m      
Connorty, Elizabeth 16 Ont    
Connorty, Jane 14      
Connorty, Emeline 12      
Connorty, John 10      
Connorty, Joseph 9      
Connorty, Charlotte 7      
Connorty, James K 2      

The 1861 map of Kitley Township shows J Conerty, Wm Conerty, Wm Conerty and A Conerty, all sharing the property at Lot 10, Concession III.

1871 Kitley Twp. Census
Connorty, James 62m Ire Pres Far
Connorty, Sharlot 52m      
Connorty, Emeline 20 Ont     
Connorty, John 18      
Connorty, Joseph 16      
Connorty, Sharlot 14      
Connorty, James 11      

James' Death Register

1881 Kitley Twp Census
Name Marital Status Gender Ethnic Origin Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
Sharlott Conarty W Female Irish 56 Ireland Farmer C. Presbyterian
John Conarty   Male Irish 28 Ontario Farmer C. Presbyterian
Emeline Conarty   Female Irish 26 Ireland   C. Presbyterian
Joseph Conarty   Male Irish 24 Ireland Farmer C. Presbyterian
Sharlot Conarty   Female Irish 22 Ontario   C. Presbyterian
James Conarty   Male Irish 20 Ireland Schoolteacher C. Presbyterian

1891 Kitley Twp Census
Surname Given Name Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
Connerty John 38 Ontario Farmer Presbyterian
Connerty Joseph 36   Farmer  
Connerty Emeline 40      

1901 Kitley Twp Census
Family Surname Given Name Relationship Birth Date Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
Connerty John 5 Nov 1850 50 Ontario Farmer Presbyterian
Connerty Emmaline 20 May 1848 52 sis      
43 Connerty James G. Head Mar 21 1859 42  
43 Connerty Minnie Wife Dec. 25 1860 49  
45 Connerty John A. Head Sep. 9 1857 43  
45 Connerty Lizzie Wife Apr. 13 1864 36  
45 Connerty Mabel Daughter Apr. 7 1889 12  
45 Connery Florance M. Daughter May 18 1890 10  

1911 Kitley Twp Census
Family Surname Given Name Relationship Birth Date Age Birthplace Occupation Religion
86 Connerty William Head Dec. 1853 57
86 Connerty Martha Wife Jul. 1852 58
86 Connerty Stafford Son May 1883 28
86 Connerty Carol Son Sep. 1894 16
86 Connerty Alma Daughter Aug. 1896 14
141 Connerty John Head Sep 1855 56
141 Connerty Jane Wife Apr 1865 46
141 Connerty Mabel Daughter Apr 1889 22
141 Connerty Florence Daughter May 1890 21
212 Connerty John G. Head Mar 1860 51
212 Connerty Marey B. Wife Dec. 1863 48
212 Connerty May Daughter Feb. 1903 8


Connerty, Jane

Birth : about 1844
Death : 6 June 1865
Burial : Toledo, Leeds, Ontario
Jane Conerty

Connerty, Emeline

Birth: May 20, 1848
Death: 14 June 1903
Burial: B40 - Maple Vale Cemetery, Smiths Falls
Emeline Conerty

CONERTY At Jasper, on Sunday June 14th Emelline Conerty, sister of Dr. J.M. Conerty of Smith's Falls. (16 Jun 1903, pg 5)

Connerty, John

Birth: November 5, 1850, Leeds
Death: April 14, 1923
Burial: Maple Vale Cemetery, Smiths Falls
John Conerty

Marriage Registers of Upper Canada/Canada West - Johnstown District, 1799-1851 - "John Connerty, Yeoman, to Mary Conley or Carley, both of Kitley. 19 May 1843, Elmsley, by Licence. Rev. Romanes. Wit. Edward F Weeks, of Smiths Falls, Grocer and Alexander Connerty of Kitley, Yeoman."

Connerty, Elizabeth

Birth : between 1843 and 1854
Death : 18 December 1875
Burial : Toledo, Leeds, Ontario
Elizabeth Conerty

Connerty, Charlotte

Birth : 1855
Death : 27 August 1889
Burial : Toledo, Leeds, Ontario
Charlotte Conerty

Connerty, Dr. James Moore

Birth: 1865, Kitley Twp.
Death: 1926
Spouse: Mabel Florence Mills
Burial: Maple Vale Cemetery, Smiths Falls
Dr. J.M. Connerty

J. Smyth Carter's "The Story of Dundas", 1905, p. 377, lists Dr. Connerty of Winchester Village, who by 1905 had relocated to Smiths Falls.

"In his activities as a physician in the late 1800s, he encountered a lawsuit (one of the first ever) from a patient, which eventually resulted in the creation of the Canadian Medical Protective Association in 1901. ...

... We have quite limited information on Dr. Conerty, other than to know from old Canadian Medical Association records of 1899, that Dr. Conerty's faced a lawsuit from a family who was unhappy with the care their son received in setting a broken arm, which had failed to heal properly. The family decided felt they should not pay for the medical treatment for their son. What became clear in subsequent investigations, was that the family didn't follow the doctor's orders in follow-up treatments, and the arm didn't set and heal properly.

In those days most families had a hard time paying the local doctor, and many complained about the care in an attempt to dodge paying their bill.

Dr. Conerty spent much of his own funds arguing the case in court, and he ultimately secured the support of his peers in funding the case, which is how the Canadian Medical Protective Association came to be. At the end of the day, Dr. Conerty couldn't claim back any costs from the plaintiffs, because in the words of the court, they were defined as 'worthless'. Hence the fund to help doctors was begun."

James married Mabel Florence Mills on 1 Jul 1913 in Jasper, Leeds, Ontario, daughter of Wilbert Mills and Augusta Hinton. Mabel died in 1967. They had no children.

From the 1933 Smiths Falls Voters list:

Name Address Sub Occ J Status S PO
CONNERTY, Mabel F. John, 296-7, pts 011 HW o mw SF

Mabel appears in the Kitley Township, Leeds County, Ontario 1953 Voters' List.

Connerty, Joseph

Birth: 1855
Died: 1899
Burial: Maple Vale Cemetery, Smiths Falls
Joseph Conerty