Unrelated Gallagher Families

There were at least two, possibly more distinct Gallagher families who moved to Lanark and Leeds Counties in the early 1800s. There is no evidence that they were related, although they may have been related prior to immigration. All of these families are Irish in origin, and are all similar in age - born in the 1770s and 1780s in Ireland.

The main Gallagher families appear to have been:

Hugh Gallagher

Transactions of land grants
Ref: National Archives of Canada
MG9 D8-27 Vol Reel C-4651
"784.Hugh Gallagher, private, 4 R V Bn, 1 adult male and 1 adult female, years of service 20-270 country Ireland, located Sept. 25, 1817 Drummond, C2 NE24. Remarks: Exchanged from Sec. 11 5th Concession Drummond to NE23 Dec. 25, 1819."

Perth Courier, Sept. 1, 1893
"Lt. H. S. Gallagher, West Point cadet and Lt. in the U.S. Regular Army and nephew of Mrs. G.A. Consitt of Perth, arrived from Council Bluffs, Nebraska on Saturday with his wife and children and is visiting friends in Perth and the family of Thomas Lee of Bathurst. He is a son of the late Hugh Gallagher, once a merchant in this town."

Perth Courier, September 7, 1917
"Major Hugh J. Gallagher of the U.S. Regular Army has been promoted to teh rank of Lt. Colonel. He saw much active service beginning on General Shafter’s staff during the Spanish American war and on General Chaffies(?)n staff in China. He was sent to Martinique in charge of relief supplies and was later appointed by President Roosevelt as a member of the Panama Commission afterwards being sent to the Philippines serving about 8 years there. He made a trip around the world sailing from New York by way of Gibraltar, the Suez and Siam to the Philippines and returning by way of San Francisco to New York where he was stationed at Governor’s Island for some time before being sent to Charleston, South Carolina where he is at present. Lt. Col. Gallagher was born in Perth and is a nephew of Thomas Lees of Bathurst and Mrs. G. A. Consitt of town."

John and Alice E. Gallagher of Newboro

1901 Newboro Census

Line   Family Name Sex   Relationship Married? Birth Year  
19   33 Gallagher John M   Head M Oct 5 1843  
20   33 Gallagher Alice E. F   Wife M Feb 15 1848  
21   33 Gallagher Electa E. F   Daughter S Sep 17 1871  
22   33 Gallagher Porthense F   Daughter S May 6 1876  
23   33 Gallagher Elewood M   Son S Apr 2 1878  
24   33 Gallagher Gordon M   Son S Feb 15 1882

006453-1885 (Leeds Co) John GALLAGHER, 28, Farmer, Ireland, Pembroke, s/o John GALLAGHER & Allice WARD, married Allice HAGAN, 20, North Crosby, same, d/o Hugh HAGAN & Mary FLANNAGAN, witn: John McCANN, Margaret McPARLAND, both of North Crosby. 7 Jan 1885 Westport (RC)

William H. and Maria Gallagher of Bastard and Burgess South

1901 Bastard and Burgess South Census

Line   Family Name Sex   Relationship Married? Birth Year
11   30 Gallagher Wm H M   Head M Sep 6 1848
12   30 Gallagher Maria F   Wife M May 3 1858
13   30 Gallagher Ethel F   Daughter S Jun 15 1882
14   30 Gallagher Clifford F   Son S Mar 20 1895

Harlem Cametery

William H Gallagher 1847-1925
Maria Davey 1858-1940
Clifford Davy Gallagher M.D. 1895-1962