Norman Weekes and Elsie Jamieson

William John Norman Weekes
5.29.1891 - 11.26.1978

Spouse: Elsie Gillies Jamieson
1900 (July 12, 1898) - March 3, 1967

Marriage: Jan. 2, 1929

Grave: Lanark Village Cemetery, Lanark

Norman: John Alexander Weekes and Hannah Gallagher
Elsie: James and S.A. Jamieson

Lanark Era, Feb. 6, 1929
Smiths Falls, UC manse, Jan. 2nd, 1929, Elsie Gillies Jamieson, daughter of Mrs. S.A. Jamieson and the late James Jamieson of Lanark, ON, to William Norman Weekes, son of Mr. & Mrs. John Weekes of Lombardy.


Norman and Elva

Norman Weekes was an energetic and creative personality. This is believed to be his first model of a snow machine. It was powered by a four cylinder Indian motorcycle engine driving a propeller. Two levers inside turned the assembly holding the propeller in order to provide steering. It traveled very quickly over snow, with a great deal of noise. The police forced Norman to take the machine off the highway because he was frightening horses. They made him remove the propeller on the spot, and Roy towed him home. The photo is probably from the early 1930's.

Norman dismantled the machine and the propeller hung in the drive shed in Lombardy for many years after that. He then built a snow machine with skis on the back. Memories are a bit vague, but it had some sort of a tubular frame within which an engine was mounted crossways, connected to chains which in turn drove slats which provided forward motion.

Among his other creations were several models of chain and mobile blade saws, the sight of certain models having created a bit of concern among neighbors. Among his many projects was the building of the Four Mile Inn service station in 1932.

Norman's 1951 Miner's License
Norman's miner's license

Norman was also known as a prospector and assured various family members that he knew where to find oil (along Highway 15 towards Kingston) and gold (in the Lanark Highlands.) Unfortunately he took knowledge of the locations with him when he left this realm. Above is a copy of his Miner's Licence from 1951. Related to mining, he designed a water pump for use in the open pit mines of north Lanark. He sold the patent to an American pump manufacturer for an amount not now known, but which impressed other family members at the time."

Norman 2

Norman 3

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