Family Mysteries

Baker / Jones Family Mystery Photos

Irish Roots

We know that Joseph Weekes and Jane Fullerton and some of their children came to Canada in 1839 from County Antrim. We have learned a lot about Joseph's and Joseph Jr's military records (see their pages). We are still looking for extended family connections in Ireland.

The 1871 New Weekes Arrivals

The 1871 censuses show a new Weekes family in the area. There is no evidence to suggest that they were related to the Joseph and Jane Weekes family.  According to the 1871 censuses, the new family included:

Smiths Falls Village 1871
Frederick W Weeks, age 26, born ON, Church of England, origin EN, Miller
Mary E Weeks, age 23, born ON, Church of England, origin EN, Spouse
Clara L. Weekes, age 4, born ON, Church of England, origin EN
Breddeth Weeks, age 2, born ON, Church of England, origin EN
Fred Wm Weeks, 4m, born ON, Church of England, origin EN
    [This family does not appear in any subsequent census reports for the area.] 

General Mysteries

We don't know much about several branches of the family. We would like to know any information about:

Mystery Pictures

Do you know who is in these pictures? If so, send your information to the Contact Us link. Larger versions are available, if that is helpful.

#1 These first two pictures appear to be from the same photo session. The chair in the photo appears to be the same as the one in the photo of Mary Jane McCauley, Edward Fullerton Weekes' wife, and the tintypes of all three were found together. [Also looks like the chair used by Jane Weekes.]

#2 This is the same child as in #1.



#5  This woman is identified on the photo as "Charlotte".

#6 This mystery solved. The photo was of Anna Weeks and her children in Kankakee.


#8 Could this be Edward F. and Jane on their front porch?


#10 This group photo from 1943 includes Miss Weeks (see blow-up). We have learned that this is Miss Lucy Weekes , teacher at Johnson school in 1943. Mrs. Francis Glover nee Hutton, was her teacher...way back, and is still alive and remembered her, as told to Helen Benda by Historical Society, Harold Nichols. We are still uncertain how (if) she fits into our branch of the Weekes family, so more clues are welcome.



#13 - Found in a photo album (along with #14) at a flea market in Lanark. The album included several photos from Lombardy and Athens, including a photo of John A Weekes and his family. The album must have belonged to a relative or neighbor.
mystery 13
#14 - Found in the same photo album as #13.
mystery 14