Joseph Weeks and Anna Elizabeth Green

c. 1897, left - right:
William, Anna, Albert's son, Albert's wife, Albert

Joseph Weeks
6.25.1844 - 2.23.1891

Grave: Pembroke Methodist Cemetery

Spouse: Anna Elizabeth Green
Sept. 29, 1838- Oct 24, 1918

Grave: Mound Grove Cemetery, Kankakee, Ill, Plot: Sec 9 1/2 Lot 5

Marriage: July 12, 1871

Joseph: Edward Fullerton Weekes and Mary Jane McAuley
Anna: James and Ellen Green

Children: Albert James Weeks and William Joseph Weeks

Joseph's Death Registry

Details about the lives of Joseph and Anna are just emerging as we learn more of the family that moved to Kankakee, Illinois. Joseph and Anna (a widow) were married in 1871 in Brockville ON by Rev. J. White of Smiths Falls. In 1877, they moved to Farmersville (now Athens, Ontario) to start a shoemaking business. (Kennedy). This is the same family that is found on the 1881 Elmsley Township census (the first source for the names of the children).

[Note: With Joseph's family, the spelling of the last name changed to "Weeks" from "Weekes".]

In 1891, Joseph died and was buried at Pembroke Ontario. We don't know the nature of their activities in Pembroke.

Some time between 1892 and 1895, Anna, Albert and William moved to Kankakee (why is unknown, and whether they all moved at once is unknown), where they settled for life. Anna kept house for a farmer near Chebanse for a few years, and then for Hiram Richardson for 19 years. Albert died of typhoid in 1897 but William had a family that carries on to this day.

A few details on Anna Elizabeth (Green) Weeks of Kankakee, wife of Joseph Weeks:

1851 Census of Leeds, Lansdowne Rear Twp:
James C. Green Age 48yrs; Born Ireland; Church of England; Farmer
Jane Age 41yrs Born Ireland

THEIR CHILDREN, all born CW (Canada West?):
Samuel; 16yrs
Ann Eliza; 11yrs
Charlotte; 9yrs
John; 8yrs
Brock; 6yrs
Edward Jas.; 1yr

There are other Greens in another household who could be her Grandparents, Uncle & Aunt and a cousin:
John 74yrs
Hannah 73yrs
William 31yrs

Cenith Ann 2yrs

And another possible uncle & family:
Samuel 32yrs Ire
Elizabeth 32yrs US

Aaron 3yrs CW

Each male head of household is listed as Farmer; all family members are Church of England.

Anna's sister Charlotte married an Andrews, was widowed, and also moved to Kankakee. On the Government of Manitoba website, vital records, is a death record for Edward James Green, died Dec 12, 1925, age 74 at RM Morton (Regional Municipality of Morton), Reg#1925, 052336.

Lanark Co., 1871
Vol 13 Pg 273 (Lanark Co.) Joseph WEEKS, 27, shoemaker, South Elmsley, South Elmsley, s/o Edward and Mary Jane, married Ann Eliza MOORHOUSE, 27, widow, Lansdowne, South Elmsley, d/o James C. and Jane GREEN, witn: Henry FRAYNE and Jane A. WEEKS, both of South Elmsley, 12 July 1871 at Smiths Falls.

Vol 12, Pg 345 Joseph WEEKES, 26, Farmer, Canada, South Elmsley, s/o Ed F. WEEKES & Eliza A. MACCAULEY; married Ann E. GREEN, 30, Wid, Canada, South Elmsley, d/o James & Ellen GREEN; witn Henry FRAYNE & James WEEKS, both South Elmsley, 12 Jul 1871, Brockville

Marriage Details:
WEEKES, Joseph (groom)
Record ID: 355725
Age: 26
Residence: South Elmsley
Place of Birth: Canada
Occupation: Bachelor, Farmer
Religion: Presbyterian
Parents: Ed F. Weekes & Eliza A. MacCauley
GREEN, Ann E. (bride)
Age: 30
Residence: South Elmsley
Place of Birth: Canada
Occupation: Widow
Religion: English Church (Anglican)
Parents: James Green & Ellen Green
Witnesses: Henry Fragne/Trayne; James Weekes (sic); both of South Elmsley
Married: 12 July 1871, Brockville, Leeds County, Ontario
Comments: by license, by Reverend J. White, Smith Falls
Event: #vom140
Source: Transcribed from the microfilm of original documents held in the collection of the Archives of Ontario
(Toronto); mfm group MS932, reel 4, unit 80-5-0-13, vol. 12, page 345.

Joseph death announcement 1891
Joseph's death announcement - 1891

1891 census 113g family 451 @ca.on.renfrew.pembroke_town page 108 film T6365 lds1465790
electoral district of Renfrew North

9 WEEKS {?} Annie E. f 47 widow - Ont Ire Ire Meth
10 WEEKS James A. m 17 - son Ont Ont Ont Meth drygoods clerk
11 WEEKS William J. m 10 - son Ont Ont Ont Meth

1900 Census, Kankakee, Illinois, Ward 1, Microfilm T623-312:

Line 13 14
Street Oak Street Oak Street
HS# 319 319
Last Name Richardson Weekes
First Name H. L. Mrs. Anna
Relation Head Servant
Birth Month July Sept
Birth Year 1843 1845
Age 56 54
# Child   6
# Child Living   2
Birth Place New York Canada
Father Birth Place Vermont Scotland
Mother Birth Place New York Canada Eng.
Year Immigrated   1899
Years US   1
Occupation   Servant

Anna's Obituary, October 25, 1918

Thanks to research in Illinois by Christine Meinert Spencer and Thelma Lunsford, we know the following about Weeks burials in Kankakee.

"... Today I found a Weeks buried in Mound Grove cemetery with the year date that you gave, 1897. In the mean-time I stopped at the Mound Grove cemetery to see what I could find out. There are several by the name of Weeks buried there but he (James) is not with them. There is a party named Weeks but no first name buried on 1 Dec 1897, without a marker. He is buried on a lot owned by Chas. F. Whitmore. His grave is Sec. 9, lot 40 NE corner of lot. No information on the cemetery records as to cause of death, did not have a place of birth listed. All it said was he lived in Kankakee. Now here is something else. He is in Sec. 9 and Albert & Anna Weeks own Sec. 9 1/2. There are several named Weeks on this lot. Anna was buried 28 Oct 1918 age 80. It doesn't seem that there is any connection to the two. ...

Thelma Lunsford, volunteer"

From the Master Cemetery List for Kankakee - all cemeteries and graves pre-1920, the following Weeks graves are recorded (no graves with "Weekes" as the spelling):

Name Year Cemetery Notes
Weeks, Albert J. 1868 - 1897 Mound Grove - son of Joseph and Anna
Weeks, Anna C. 1838 - 1918 Mound Grove - Joseph's wife Anna Green
Weeks, George 1859 - 1889 Mound Grove  
Weeks, Lydia R. 1861 - 1893 Mound Grove  
Weeks, Russell 1880 - 1903 Mound Grove  
Weeks, Thomas 1880 Hawkins (Limestone)  
Weeks, William J. 1904 - 1904 Mound Grove - son of William Joseph Weeks
Weeks, William J. 1880 - 1950 Mound Grove - son of Joseph and Anna
Weeks, Lucy May Wright 1881 - 1930 Mound Grove - wife of William J.