Joseph Weekes and Jane Fullerton

Joseph Weekes - signature from army discharge document

Joseph Weekes
c.1777 County Antrim, Ireland - 5.20.1854

Spouse: Jane Fullerton
c.1787 Ireland - c.1863

Grave Site: Believed to be Hillcrest, Smiths Falls

Parents: Possibly "Edward Alexander Weekes"

Children: Joseph, An(n)e Jean, Edward F, Charlotte, Alexander, James

Weekes and Fullerton Pre-history

The sources for much of this information include Joseph's military records from the Londonderry Militia, and the 40th Regiment of Foot, from Joseph Jr.'s military record with the 74th Regiment of Foot, and from North Elmsley land transfer records.

We have a faint copy of hand-written notes that suggest that "Edward Alexander Weekes" was the father of Joseph Weekes. No other source has been found for this yet.

From Joseph's military record, we know about his time in the Londonderry Militia and the 40th Regiment of Foot. The 40th Regiment of Foot had a distinguished history, including Joseph's time in the regiment. When Joseph joined the 40th in 1807, they had just returned from a campaign in South America. Shortly after he joined, the regiment went to Portugal to take part in the Peninsular war. They served as part of Wellington's army fighting Napoleon for six years, eventually driving Napoleon out of Portugal and Spain and back into France. Jane Fullerton is assumed to have accompanied other army wives, following the regiment to Portugal. Joseph Jr. was born in Lisbon Portugal in 1809. During this time the 40th earned thirteen battle honors from Rolica to Toulouse. It was at the battle of Toulouse that Joseph was seriously wounded, losing his left arm. By the time the Peninsular War was concluded in April of 1814, the British army had marched over 6,000 miles, and had fought undefeated for six years. The regiment returned to England in 1814, and Joseph was discharged because of his injuries.

The 40th Regiment of Foot later returned to Europe to fight under Wellington against Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo. There is an excellent book by the Sergeant of Joseph's unit, The Autobiography of Sergeant William Lawrence, that describes their lives in Portugal, Spain and France in great detail. It is a fascinating glimpse into what Joseph's military life was like.

This is a section of the 1863 Map of the Counties of Lanark and Renfrew, Canada West, courtesy of the Lanark County Genealogical Society.

JWeeks could refer to any of Joseph Weekes who bought the property in 1851, Jane Weekes to whom title was transferred in 1854, or James Weekes, to whom title transferred in 1863, depending on when the information for the map was gathered.

The Weekes house was located on the highway curve from Smiths Falls just before getting to the village of Port Elmsley. A log building sitting behind a more modern house in that location today may have been the original Weekes home. The property marked J Hogg is the current Pines Subdivision. The property marked J Clark and J Moore was home for Randy Weekes and Alan Weekes more than 100 years after Joseph and Jane lived on the property connected at the corner.

Port Elmsley today

Notes for Joseph and Jane:
From 1851 Census of Residents in North Elmsley Township, Lanark County

WEEKES, JOSEPH Con.06,Lot 09P 50 IRE. C/S 74 M/M MILLER 26
" , JANE Mrs.     IRE. C/S 64 M/F   26
" , JOHN     N.EL C/S 02 S/M   26

From 1861 Census of Residents in North Elmsley Township, Lanark County

WEEKS, James ELMS.Con.06,Lot 09 IRE. C/S 37 FARMER LOG 28
 " , ANN Mrs. " ONT. C/S 31 HOUSEWIFE   28
 " , JAMES Jr. " ONT. C/S 10 SCHOOL   28
 " , JOHN " ONT. C/S 08 SCHOOL   28
 " , ELIZABETH E. " ONT. C/S 07 SCHOOL   28
 " , JOSEPH " ONT. C/S 06     28
 " , ANNE JANE " ONT. C/S 02     28