Family of William and Elizabeth H. Ready

The accepted story is that the Readys immigrated from Ireland, and were given a land grant which is now the centre of the town of Perth. Relatives told them that Perth was not an ideal area, and that they should move to Bastard Township on the Rideau as there was plenty of fishing and hunting. Apparently, the cabin that they built near Portland is still in existence being used as an extra bunkie for a cottage.

The Censuses of 1851 for S. Elmsley, Burgess and Bastard Townships do not include any residents with the surname "Ready", although there is William "Rady" in the 1851 Agricultural Census for South Burgess at L11 CII, holding 70 acres. The William and Elizabeth Ready family were burying their departed at St. Peter's Anglican, Newboyne in as early as 1855. They appear in the 1861 Burgess census. By the 1871 Ontario Census, Austin, Michael and Ellen appear in the Elmsley census.

The death dates seen on most tombstones listed here are from the 20th Century, with a few exceptions. John Ready at St. Peter's Anglican, Newboyne is the earliest in 1855.

In sorting out these many Readys, it appears that these are the major family groupings, for whom we so far have no interconnections:

The details on the Ready family are still emerging. If you have information or corrections to contribute, email us through the "Contact Us" button above.

Key Name Spouse Cemetery Sources
The Family of William Ready and Alicia Polk
0 William Ready
b. 1808
d. 11.23.1878
Elizabeth H. (Elitia) Ready
b. c.1813
SPAN 103 1851 S. Burgess Agricultural Census
1861, 1871, 1881 (Elizabeth) Burgess census.
Grave stone.
0.1 Maria Ready
b. c.1835
d. 12.12.1869
  SPAN 76 Grave stone
0.2 Anne Ready
b. c.1840 Ireland
    1861 Burgess Twp.census.
0.3 William Ready
b. 1840 (2.15.1844)
d. 1916
Alicia Marjery Polk
b. 2.15.1847
d. 1913
PNE 25 1861, 1871, 1881, 1901, 1911 Bastard censuses
Grave stone.
Ambrose's Marriage reg. 14150-1910 Leeds
0.3.1 William Nelson Ready
b. 4.28.1870
d. 1953

Sarah Ophelia Dowsett
b. 9.14.1868
m. 10.21.1896
d. 1952

POE 38 7037-1896 (Leeds Co) William Nelson READY, 26, Farmer, Burgess, Bastard, s/o William READY & Alice READY, married Sarah Ophelia DOWSET (sic), 28, Portland, same, d/o Eli DOWSETT & Olive DOWSETT, witn: Rachel DOWSETT, Bastard, Richard (?) DOWSETT, Portland. 21 Oct. 1896 Bastard.
1881, 1901, 1911 Bastard census.
Grave stone. W. Arthur Bailey (adopted)
b. 4.x.1896
    1911 Bastard Census
0.3.2 Isabella Ready
b. 1872 (1.14.1873)
d. 1928
Oscar Bolton
b. 1866 (5.4.1864)
d. 1950
POE 25 1881, 1901, 1911 Bastard and Burgess census.
Grave stone.
LDS. Euretta Berneice Bolton
b. 4.13.1895
d. 1979
William James Burns
b. 8.20.1892
m. Oct 29, 1919 Newboro
d. 1975
SPAN 192 1901, 1911 Bastard and Burgess Census.
015852-1919 (Leeds Co) William James BURNS, 28, Farmer, Newboyne, same, s/o Hugh BURNS & Essay JOYNT, married Euretta Bernice BOLTON, 24, Music Teacher, Portland Ont, not given, d/o Oscar BOLTON & Isabella READY, witn: Oscar BOLTON, Hugh BURNS, both of Portland, 29 Oct 1919 at Newboro.
Grave stone.
0.3.3 Joseph Ready
b. 1874
d. >1881
    1881 Bastard and Burgess census
0.3.4 Robert John Ready
b. 8.23.1877
d. 1946
1. Elizabeth F. Bolton
b. 11.11.1880
d. 1909
2. Zeredia Baker
b. Dec. 1879
d. 1964
PNE 24 1881, 1901 and 1911 Bastard and Burgess censuses.
Grave stone
LDS Roberta Doreen Ready
b. 7.5.1902
d. 9.21.1976
Roy Andrew Weekes
b. 2.10.1897
m. 10.30.1923
d. 11.13.1972
HCSF 1901 S. Elmsley census.
1911 Bastard and Burgess census.
Marriage Reg.: 14477-23 Andrew Roy WEEKES, 25, farmer, Elmsley twp., same, s/o John WEEKES (b. Elmsley South twp) & Hannah GALLAHER, married Roberta Doreeen READY, 21, Burgess North, Elmsley, d/o Robert READY & Elizabeth BOLTON, witn: Alice E. & Marjorie ELLIS of Smith Falls, 30 Oct 1923 at Smith Falls.
Grave stone see Weekes family ... Della Eileen Ready
6.21.1922 - 8.6.2011
Wilfred Jordan Roselawn Memorial Gardens, Maitland ON  
0.3.5 Elizabeth Ready
b. 11.23.1878
d. 1952
Charles Earnest Cope
b. 1896
m. Sept 21, 1927 Smiths Falls
d. 1935
PNE 25 1881, 1901, 1911 Bastard census
Marriage reg.:14169-27 Charles Earnest COPE, 31, widower, farmer, England, North Elmsley twp., s/o Edward COPE, b. England & unknown, married Elizabeth READY, 48, Bastard twp., same, d/o William READY, b. Bastard twp & Elicia POLK, witn: William & Sarah READY of Portland, 21 Sept 1927 at Smiths Falls.
Grave stone
0.3.6 Ambrose Ready
b. 3.18.1881
d. 1949
Victoria Elizabeth Joynt
b. 5.7.1881
m. 2.2.1910 Newboyne
d. Feb. 20, 1941
POE 37 Marriage reg.: 14150-1910 (Leeds Co) Ambrose READY, 28, Farmer, of Portland, s/o William READY & Eletia Marjery POLK, married Elizabeth JOYNT, 24, of New Boyne, d/o Bournes JOYNT, farmer, & Rachel BARRY, witn: C. Frank READY, Smiths Falls, Mina JOYNT, New Boyne. 2 Feb 1910 New Boyne.
1881, 1901, 1911 Bastard census
Grave stone
0.3.7 Benjamin Augustine Ready
b. 9.16.1887
d. 1941
1. Laura B Merriman
b. 5.5.1889
d. 4.23.1913
Halliday Cemetery, Elgin
2. Maude Ethel Burns
b. 1887
d. 1974
PNE 14

1901, 1911 Bastard censuses
Marriage reg. 014434-1910 (Leeds Co) Benjamin Augustine READY, 23, of Bastard Tp., s/o William READY, Farmer, & Alecia POLK, married Laura Belle MERRIMAN, of Bastard Tp., d/o Norman MERRIMAN & Eva SEXTON, witn: Earl READY, Mary MERRIMAN, both of Crosby. 14 Sept 1910 Crosby.
Grave stone William James Keeble Burns Ready
b. 1916
d. 1917
  PNE 14 Grave stone Klebe Ready
b. 1917
d. 1918 Hugh Everton Augustine Ready
b. 1.2.1921
d. c.2000
Maureen Velma Cheetham
b. 1929
0.3.8 Earl Oscar Ready
b. 4.26.1890
d. c.1971
Hellen (Nellie) Opal Wright
b. 4.14.1896
m. 6.14.1916 Leeds
d. Feb.1974
 near Elgin * 1901, 1911 Bastard census
LDS (AFN: CCXC-XC) Arnold Ready Marjorie Eleanor Ready
b. 11.3.1924
d. 6.24.2008

Thomas Raymond Howe
m. Nov. 15, 1951 Donald Ambrose Ready
b. 9.6.1926, Brockville
d. 10.31.2007, Brockville

Kathleen (Kay) M. Tutak
b. 1923
m. 5.12.1950

Robertson Cemetery, Delta DONALD READY, 81 ATHENS -- Donald Ambrose Ready, 81, a veteran of the Second World War, died October 31, 2007 at his home in Brockville after an illness. He was born September 6, 1926 in Brockville General Hospital, the son of Earl Oscar Ready and the former Helen Wright. When he turned 18, he joined the army and served in the Second World War from 1944 to 1945. He married Kathleen Tutak in Athens on May 12, 1950 and they lived in Delta for many years before eventually moving to Brockville. His career was with Ontario Hydro, working as a lineman until his retirement in 1985. ... Elizabeth (Betty) Jean Ready
b. 1928
Robert Elmore Green
b. Dec. 10, 1920 Oak Leaf
m. 9.16.1948
d. April 15, 2010 Athens
 Oak Leaf iii * Elmore's obituary: Robert Elmore Green, 89, of Upper Oak Leaf Road, died April 15 at Maple View Lodge, Athens, after a series of strokes. Elmore was born December 10, 1920, in Oak Leaf, to William Elmore Green and the former Florence Edith Heffernan. He grew up and attended school in Oak Leaf, then went to Athens High School. He eventually took over the family farm and lived in Oak Leaf all his life, with his wife, the former Elizabeth "Betty" Ready, whom he married in Athens United Church on September 11, 1948. They had five children. David Elmore Green
b. 1955
d. 1985
  Oak Leaf iii * Mary Lou Green
  Entered into rest at the Brockville General Hospital ( G.S.S. ) on Thursday April 17th, 2014. Mary Lou Green age 56 of RR1 Athens. Beloved daughter of Elizabeth ( Betty ) Green ( nee Ready ) and the late Elmore Green. ... Jack Ready      
0.4 John Ready
b. 1844
d. 12.21.1855
  SPAN 75 Grave stone
0.5 Elanor Ready
b. c.1849
    1861 Burgess census
0.6 Robert Ready
b. 1852 (Nov 1850)
d. 1939
Eleanor Amelia Polk (Burns)
b. c.1862
m. 3.9.1882
d. 10.21.1910
PNE 17 1861, 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 Bastard and Burgess census.
Perth Courier, March 10, 1882 Ready-Burns—Married, at the Rectory, Perth, on the 9th March, by Rev. R. L. Stephenson, M.A., Rector of Perth, Mr. Robert Ready to Miss Eleanor Amelia Burns, all of S. Burgess.
Grave stone.
0.6.1 William Thomas Ready
b. 1.1.1883
Eliza Anne Kinch
b. Sept 1879
  1891, 1901 Bastard and Burgess census.
1911 Kitley census p. 11.
1921 Wolford census Hilda Euretta Ready
b. Oct 1906
    1911 Kitley census p. 11
1921 Wolford census Thomas Edmund Ready
b. 2.11.1911
d. 3.19.1977
Irene Rogers
b. 1.29.1925
d. 12.10.1998
HCSF 1911 Kitley census p. 11.
1921 Wolford census
Grave stone. Clarence Ready
b. c.1914
1921 Wolford census Robert Ready
b. c.1920
1921 Wolford census
0.6.2 James Edmund Ready
b. 7.19.1885
d. 1967
Elizabeth Luella Coleman
b. 4.16.1891
d. 1981
PNE 17 1891, 1901 Bastard and Burgess census
0.6.3 Euretta Belle Ready
b. 1898 (4.4.1896)
d. 1959
W.F. Mitchell
b. 1898
d. 1964
PNE 17 1901, 1911 Bastard and Burgess census
Grave stone
0.7 Susane Ready
b. c.1855
    1861 Burgess census
0.8 Joseph McEwne Ready
b. 8.x.1857 Burgess Twp.
d. 3.3.1908 Port Elmsley
Mary Elizabeth Buffam
b. 10.x.1863 Renfrew
m. 12.21.1881Newboro
d. 4.15.1940 Balzac, Alberta
Rideau Ferry
Airdrie Cemetery
1861, 1881 Bastard and Burgess census.
006084-1881 (Leeds Co) Joseph READY, 23, Farmer, Burgess, same, s/o William READY & Elizabeth READY, married Mary E. BUFFAM, 21, McNab, North Elmsley, d/o Henry BUFFAM & Maybell BUFFAM, witn: Robert READY, Burgess, Maggie HOLLIDAY, Almonte, 21 Dec 1881 at Newboro.
1911 Perth census.
Lanark Era BMD Vol. I, p. 214
Grave stone
0.8.1 Elizabeth (Bessie) Maxwell Ready
b. 11.17.1883 Ontario
d. 9.x.1950
Ralph Dodds Miller
b. 7.5.1882 Perth
m. 12.31.1915 Calgary
d. 8.11.1949 Outlook, Sask.
  1911 Perth census. Joseph Miller
d. Calgary Douglas Maxwell Miller
b. 12.19.1919 Calgary
d. 7.22.2007
1. Norma Gertrude Miller
   m. Elbow, Sask.
2. Vera Annette Enticknap
m. 5.11.1971
   d. c. 2002 Saskatchewan
0.8.2 Ada Belle Ready
b. 9.29.1886 Charleston Vermont
d. 12.30.1962 Calgary AB
Albert Acheson
b. 2.2.1887 N. Elmsley
m. 7.20.1926 Calgary
d. 10.13.1961 Calgary
  1911 Perth census.
0.8.3 Vida (Vivien) Ruth Ready
b. 12.16.1892 East Charleston, VT
d. 6.27.1962
Russell Pole
b. 1893
m. 1923 Calgary
d. 1967
  1911 Perth census. Harry Pole Doris Marie Pole Jack Evans   Obituary Kenneth Evans      
0.9 Eva Ready
b. 1864
d. >1891
    1881 Bastard and Burgess census
0.10 Priscilla Ready
b. 1868
d. 1.29.1873
  SPAN 77 Grave stone

Other Readys in the area, who may or may not have been related.

Bastard And Burgess Twp. Ready Families
WLR William Ready Lizzie   Forbes Cemetery List
WLR.1 Bessie Ready
b. 1908
d. 2.5.1909
  Forbes * Forbes Cemetery List
South Elmsley Twp. Ready Families
MR Michael Ready
b. c. 1813 Ireland
d. >1871
Ellen Ready (Hellen Radey)
b. c. 1823 Ireland
d. Aug. 25, 1898
  1871, 1881 S. Elmsley census
LDS (as Radey)
[Note: Could this be the father of Austin, whose first son is named Michael, b. 1837?]
MR.1 Michael Radey
b. c.1858
    1881 S. Elmsley census
LDS (as Radey)
MR.2 Morris (Maurice) Ready
b. 2.6.1861
d. >1911
Nellie (Ellen?) Eaton (Doyle?)
b. 4.1.1866
m. Aug 1898
  1881 S. Elmsley census
1901, 1911 census, Smiths Falls.
The Lanark Era BMD Vol I, page 50.
St. Francis de Sales Roman Catholic Church Registry Book
LDS (as Radey)
MR.2.1 Mary E Ready
b. 4.12.1900
d. >1911
    1901, 1911 census, Smiths Falls
MR.3 John Radey
b. c.1865
    1881 S. Elmsley census
LDS (as Radey)
MR.4 Mary Radey
b. Nov. 24, 1858
Doyle   1881 S. Elmsley census.
1901 Smiths Falls census.
LDS (as Radey)
AR Austin Ready (Radey)
b. c.1837 Ireland
d. >1871
b. c.1841
m. c.1862
d. 10.15.1888 Smiths Falls
  1871, 1881 S. Elmsley census
Record News Oct. 18, 1888
LDS(as Radey)
AR.1 Michael Radey
b. c.1863
    1881 S. Elmsley census
LDS(as Radey)
AR.2 Annie Radey
b. c.1865
    1881 S. Elmsley census
LDS(as Radey)
AR.3 Austin Ready
b. c.1868
d. c.1918
    1871, 1881 S. Elmsley census
LDS(as Radey)
AR.4 Mary Radey
b. c.1868
    1881 S. Elmsley census
LDS(as Radey)
AR.5 Bridget Radey
b. c.1871
    1881 S. Elmsley census
LDS(as Radey)
AR.6 Catherine Radey
b. c.1874
    1881 S. Elmsley census
LDS(as Radey)
Lanark Co. Ready Families
  C. Frank Ready, Smiths Falls     Ambrose Ready's Marriage Reg. 14150-1910
  Robert Morris Ready, Sgt.
b. 1925 Cleveland OH
d. Sep 7, 1976 Blind River ON
Lois Evangeline Bowland
m.July 10, 1954
 SJACP * Grave stone: Robert Morris Ready
Sgt. US Marine Corps
World War II, Korea
1925 - 1976
Engagement announcement 1954
JC Annie Ready James Clancy    
JC.1 Lawrence Clancy
b. 8.24.1877
    Birth Reg. 13535 Carleton Place
JC.2 Maggie Agatha Clancy
b. 7.26.1887
    Birth Reg. 017052 Carleton Place
The family of Peter Ready and Jane McGregor who settled in the Carleton Place - Lanark Twp. area as early as 1851 when William James Ready was born.
PR Peter Ready
b. c.1812
Jane McGregor    
PR.1 Michael Andrew Ready
b. 9.10.1832 Allumette Is., Pontiac Que.
d. 10.21.1908 Reston
Christena Hamilton
b. 7.16.1829 Carleton Place
m. c.1854
d. 5.22.1907 Reston
Reston, Manitoba 1871, 1881, 1901, 1911 Lanark Twp. Census
The Lanark Era BMD Vol I, page 201, 226
October 28th, 1908 - death
At Reston, Man. Wed. Oct. 21st, Mr. Michael A. Ready, aged 74 years. He was born on Allumette Island, near Pembroke. He learned shoemaking in Carleton Place, and fifty three years ago he married Christena Hamilton, of Ramsay, who predeceased him only a few months, dying, May 22nd last. They had a family of eight boys and four girls, of whom seven boys and one girl survive; William, Prince Edward County; John, Peter, Norris and Bella, of Reston; Michael, at Denbigh; James, at Burnstown, and Robert, of Lanark. Burial at Reston.
PR.1.1 Jennie (Jannet?) Ready
b. c.1857
d. c.3.11.1896 Virden MAN
William Tanner
m. c.1894
  1881 Lanark Twp. census.
The Lanark Era, BMD Vol I, page 9
Wed. March 11th, 1896 - death
Virden, Man. On Mondy, Jennie Ready, wife of William Tanner, aged 39 years. A daughter of Mr. Michael A. Ready, of Hopetown, and sister of R. F. Ready, of Lanark. Married just two years, she leaves her husband and one child aged 10 mos.
PR.1.1.1 a child
b. 1895
PR.1.2 William James Ready
b. c. 1851 Lanark Co.
Mary Campbell
b. 4.23.1857 Rosetta
m. 9.19.1876 Lanark Twp.
d. 7.23.1932 Picton
Wellington Cemetery LDS (AFN: 4W4D-63)
Perth Courier, September 29, 1876
1881 Lanark Twp. Census
5123-76 (Lanark Co): William James READY, 24, farmer, Ramsey, Lanark, s/o Michael READY & Christena HAMILTON, married Mary CAMPBELL, 19, Lanark, same, d/o John CAMPBELL & Janet DICK, witn: James RANKIN & Janet READY, both of Lanark, 19 Sept 1876 at Lanark twp.
PR.1.2.1 Campbell Ready
b. 6.24.1877
d. 9.11.1952 Washington DC
1. Jennie Owen Goldie
b. 10.15.1882
m. 5.30.1906
d. 1.27.1943
2. Jessie Biddle
  LDS (AFN: 4W4D-02)
Birth Reg. 13573 Lanark Twp.
PR. five children      
PR.1.2.2 Christine (Christena) Ready
b. 12.16.1878 Rosetta
d. 6.20.1910 Winnipeg
John E. Wilson
b. Middleville?
m. 2.26.1902 Winnipeg

  Birth Reg. 13945 Rosetta, Lanark Twp.
1881 Lanark Twp. Census
THE LANARK ERA, Wed. March 5th, 1902 - marriage - Wed. Feb. 26th, at Winnipeg, Miss Christena Readey, of Rosetta, to Mr. John Wilson, of Winnipeg. Eldest dau of Wm. J. Readey
The Lanark Era June 29th, 1910 - At Winnipeg, Man. Mon. June 20th, Christena Ready, wife of John E. Wilson, aged 31 years, 6 mos. & 4 days, daughter of Mr. William Ready, Prince Edward Cty. and niece of Mr. E. F. Ready, of Lanark. She was born at Rosetta and moved west with her husband, who came from Middleville. She leaves her husband and three children. She had one brother and four sisters, John C. and Effie, are at home, Mrs. Hawley, Mrs. Campbell, and Mrs. Affleck, are in Winnipeg.
PR. three children      
PR.1.2.3 John Ready
b. c.1880
    Lanark Twp. census 1881
PR.1.2.4 Arnold W. Ready
b. c.1896 Rosetta, Lanark
d. 10.26.1897 Rosetta
    The Lanark Era BMD Vol I, page 34 - Wed. October 27th, 1897 - death - At Rosetta, Oct. 26th, Arnold W. Ready, aged 1 year. Son of Mr. & Mrs. W . J. Ready.
PR.1.2.5 Mary J. Ready S. Franklin Hawley (Calgary)
m. 9.25.1907 Winnipeg
  The Lanark Era BMD Vol. I, p. 207 - Wed. October 16th, 1907 - marriage - Winnipeg, Sept. 25th, at the residence of Mrs. J. E. Wilson, 360 Wellin gton Cres. her sister, Miss Mary J. Ready married Mr. S. Franklin Hawley. The bride is formerly of Rosetta and is a niece of Mr. R. F. Ready, of Lanark.
PR.1.2.6 Miriam Evelyn Ready
d. 8.16.1933 Elm Creek, Man.
Melville Lorne Campbell
(Elm Creek, Man.)
m. 1.4.1905
  The Lanark Era BMD Vol II, page 205 - Wed. January 4th, 1905 - marriage - At Rosetta, Thursday last, Miss Miria Readey, dau of Mr. Wm. Readey, to Mr. Melville Lorne Campbell, of Weyburn, NWT (Sask.).
THE LANARK ERA - Wed. August 16rd, 1933 - death - Elm Creek, Man. recently, Mrs. Melville Campbell, who was formerly Miriam Ready, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Ready, formerly of McDonald's Crs. & Rosetta.
PR.1.2.7 Effa Rose Ready
b. 1.23.1887
Robert Nairn Affleck (Demaine, Sask.)
m. 2.24.1909 Hillier, Hastings ON
  Birth Reg. 017347 Lanark Twp.
THE LANARK ERA - Wed. March 10th, 1909 - marriage - Hillier, Ont. Wed. Feb. 24th, Miss Effa Rose Readey, daughter of Mr. W. J . Readey, to Mr. Robert Nairn Affleck, of Davidisdon, Sask. Both former ly of Middleville. He is the son of R. R. Affleck.
PR. three children      
PR.1.2.8 Effie Ready Leonard Palmer (Sudbury)    
PR.1.2.9 Ready (Winnipeg)      
PR.1.3 John Ready
b. c.1859
d. 7.21.1934 Bield, MB
Mary Boyle   1881 Lanark Twp. census.
PR.1.3.1 Ready      
PR.1.3.2 James Ready      
PR.1.3.3 Willard Ready      
PR.1.3.4 Harold Ready      
PR.1.4 Peter Duncan Ready
b. c.1864
d. 6.14.1935 Reston, Man
Jessie Reid   1881 Lanark Twp. census.
The Lanark Era BMD Vol II, page 240
PR.1.5 Norris Ready Agnes Taylor   1881 Lanark Twp. census.
The Lanark Era BMD Vol I, page 254
PR.1.6 Isabella Ready     1881 Lanark Twp. census.
PR.1.7 Michael Andrew Ready
b. 6.22.1871
d. 6.11.1932
Mary Ann Ferguson
b. 12.2.1875
m. 5.18.1892 Denbigh
United Church, Denbigh * 6606-92 - Michael Andrew READY, 23, farmer, Carleton Place, Lanark, s/o Michael & Christena, married Mary Ann FERGUSON, 16, Lanark, Denbigh twp, d/o Thomas FERGUSON & Mary Ann EASTON, witn: Jennie S. EASTON of Dalhousie & Robert F. READY of Lanark, 18 May 1892 at Eagle Hill, Denbigh.
1881 Lanark Twp. census.
1901 Addington census
The Lanark Era BMD Vol II.
Source: Lanark County, Ont. GenWeb Site - newspaper clippings - Ferguson's Orbits - 1932, June 22 - Death of Michael Andrew Ready
The funeral of the late Michael Andrew Ready took place on Monday, June 13th, from his late residence, Colbourne Street, Kingston, to the United C hurch at Denbigh where funeral services were conducted by Rev. H. W. Cl iff of Cooke's United Church, Kingston, and Rev. J. Flindell of Denbigh United Church. The funeral was one of the largest held in Denbigh district in months and a number could not gain admittance to the funeral serv ice at the church. Many beautiful floral tributes banked the casket in testimony of the warm regard felt for the late Mr. Ready. Following the funeral services, interment took place in the United Church cemetery at Denbigh. The late Mr. Ready's family had lived in Kingston for the past seven years. He was a member of the United Church but was not associated with any organizations. Surviving him are his wife, seven sons and three daug hters, Norris of Webb, Sask.; John of Winnipeg; William of Timmins; Lom e of Ottawa; Arthur of Toronto; Andrew and Bert of Kingston; Pearl, Fra nces and Anne, at home; also five brothers and one sister, John, Norris and Peter of Reston, Man.; William of Wellington; Robt. of Lanark and Miss Bella Ready of Reston, Man.
PR.1.7.1 Eva Pearl Ready
b. 7.10.1892
    1901 Addington census

Norris Ready (Webb, SK)
b. 1.1.1894

    1901 Addington census
PR.1.7.3 John Ready (Winnipeg)      
PR.1.7.4 William Ready (Timmins)      
PR.1.7.5 Lorne Ready (Ottawa)
b. 12.25.1896
    1901 Addington census
PR.1.7.6 Andrew Ready (Kingston)
b. 12.25.1899
    1901 Addington census
PR.1.7.7 Arthur Ready (Toronto)
b. 2.1.1895
    1901 Addington census
PR.1.7.8 Bert Ready (Kingston)      
PR.1.7.9 Pearl Ready (Kingston)      
PR.1.7.10 Frances Ready (Kingston)      
PR.1.7.11 Anne Ready (Kingston)      
PR.1.8 Robert Franklin Ready
b. 3.9.1870, Ramsey, Lanark
d. 3.5.1943, Lanark
Rachael Ellen Babcock
b. c.1894 Oconto ON
m. 11.5.1913 Perth ON
d. 1963
LVC 168 1881 Lanark Twp. census.
1901 Lanark census
1911 Bastard and Burgess census.
Lanark Era BMD Vol II, page 34. Nov. 5, 1913 - At the Methodist Parsonage, Perth, Wed. Nov. 5th, Robert Franklin Ready , of Lanark, to Rachael Ella Babcock, eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Babcock, of Matawatchan.
1936 Perth Voters List
1936 Perth Commercial Directory
Grave stone
PR.1.8.1 Margaret Louise Ready
b. 10.28.1914 Lanark
d. 5.4.1915
  LVC 168 Lanark Era BMD Vol II, page 55, 69, May 5, 1915 - birth - Lanark, Wed. Oct. 28th, to Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Ready, a daughter.
THE LANARK ERA - Wed. May 5th, 1915 - death - At Lanark, Tues. May 4th, Margaret Louise Ready, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. F. Ready, aged 6 mos & 6 days.
Grave stone
PR.1.8.2 Norman Frankland Ready
b. 2.7.1916
d. 11.7.1944 at sea
Ruth Margaret Parks LVC 168 Lanark Era BMD Vol. III. p.20
1936 Perth Commercial Directory
Grave stone.
Veteran's Affairs
PR.1.8.3 Vernon Strang Ready
b. 3.2.1918 Lanark
Ellen Sorenson LVC Lanark Era BMD Vol II, page 112.
1936 Perth Commercial Directory
Grave stone.
PR.1.8.4 Leonard Bond Ready
b. 2.8.1920
d. 3.17.1993
Gertrude C. Duffy
b .4.12.1920
d. Oct. 7, 2010
Laidley Cemetery, S. Sherbrooke Twp 1936 Perth Commercial Directory
READY, Gertrude (Nee Duffy) - At home on Thursday, October 7, 2010 at the age of 90. Beloved wife of the late Leonard Ready. ...
PR. Barbara Ready

PR.1.8.5 Edith Victoria Ready
b. 6.16.1922 Lanark
Donald Streich   Lanark Era BMD Vol. III. p.97
1936 Perth Commercial Directory
PR. Heather Streich
b. c.1946
PR.1.8.6 Norris Hamilton Ready
b. 10.9.1930 Perth
    Lanark Era BMD Vol II, page 161.
1936 Perth Commercial Directory
PR.1.9 James A. Ready
b. 5.24.1872
d. 2.15.1914 Renfrew
Isabela (Bella) McGregor
b. 8.1.1874
m. 12.30.1897
Goshen * Lanark Era BMD Vol I, page 21.
1881 Lanark Twp. census.
1901 Renfrew Census
Lanark Era Vol I, page 21.
Lanark Era BMD Vol II, page 41.:
Wed. February 25th, 1914 - death - At Victoria Hospital, Renfrew, Sunday, Feb. 15th, James A. Ready, aged 42 years, of TB. Six brothers and a sister survive. Three brothers and the sister live at Reston, Man.; William, at Hiller, Prince Edward City; Robert, at Lanark and Michael, at Denbigh. Burial in Goshen cemetery. He leaves seven small children.
PR.1.9.1 Eva C Ready
b. 2.11.1898
    1901 Renfrew Census
PR.1.9.2 Daniel J Ready
    1901 Renfrew Census
PR.1.9.3-7 seven children total      
PR.1.10 Mary Ellen Ready
b. c.1878
d. 5.7.1883
  Greenwood 1881 Lanark Twp. census.
Ready—Died, at Middleville on the 8th May, Mary E. Ready, daughter of Mr. Michael A. Ready and Christina Ready, aged 5 (?).
Grave stone

Oxford Township

  William Ready
b. c.1791
d. 8.8.1850
Margaret Ann
b. c.1805
d. 6.11.1874
Andrew's Cemetery, Bishop's Mills * 1871 Oxford Twp. census.
Grave stone
  Eliza Ready
b. 8.11.1842
d. 6.2.1876
Wm. Connell Andrew's Cemetery, Bishop's Mills * Grave stone
  Nancy Ready
b. c.1797 Ireland
d. >1871
    1871 Oxford census

Renfrew Co.

JR Bromley James Ready
b. 1.20.1869
Mary Ready
  1901 Renfrew Census
JR.1 Kathleen Ready
b. 11.3.1898
    1901 Renfrew Census
JR.2 Gerald Ready
b. 1.14.1890
    1901 Renfrew Census
HMR Bromley Henry M. Ready
Hannah Ready
b. 2.25.1879
  1901 Renfrew Census
HMR.1 Mary B. Ready
b. 2.27.1901
    1901 Renfrew Census

Carleton Co., Nepean

JR John Ready
b. 6.3.1833
d. >1901
Ann Ready
b. c.1833
d. <1901
  1881, 1901 Carleton/Nepean census
JR.1 Michael Ready
b. 1.3.1866
Catherine Ready
  1881, 1901, 1911 Carleton/Nepean census
JR.1.1 Patrick Ready
b. March 1889
    1911 Carleton/Nepean census
JR.1.2 John T. Ready
b. 3.21.1889
    1901 Carleton/Nepean census
JR.1.3 Monica Ready
b. Sep. 1891
    1911 Carleton/Nepean census
JR.1.4 Emma Ready
b. Dec. 1891
    1911 Carleton/Nepean census
JR.1.5 Mary B.M. Ready
b. 9.7.1891
    1901 Carleton/Nepean census
JR.1.6 Annie T. (Tessie) Ready
b. 10.1.1893
    1901, 1911 Carleton/Nepean census
JR.1.7 Mary E. Ready
b. 12.8.1895
    1901 Carleton/Nepean census
JR.1.8 Thomas P. Ready
b. 12.14.1897 (1895)
    1901, 1911 Carleton/Nepean census
JR.1.9 Mary Carolyn Ready
b. 4.12.1900
    1901, 1911 Carleton/Nepean census
JR.1.10 Michael Ready
b. Dec. 1902
    1911 Carleton/Nepean census
JR.1.11 Gerald Ready
b. May 1905
    1911 Carleton/Nepean census
MR Margaret Ready
b. c.1811
    1881, 1901 Carleton/Nepean census
MR.1 Daniel Ready
b. c.1836
    1881, 1901 Carleton/Nepean census
MR.2 Thomas Ready
b. 12.17.1846
    1881, 1901 Carleton/Nepean census
MR.3 Bridget E. Ready
b. 5.12.1855
    1881, 1901 Carleton/Nepean census
MR.4 Mary Ready
b. c.1859
    1881, 1901 Carleton/Nepean census
Eliza Ready married a Joseph Parker in Ireland. They had six children all born in Ireland. They then migrated to Canada around 1873. They appear on the 1881 Canadian census.
JP Joseph Parker
b. Ireland
Eliza Ready
b. Ireland
  Source: family
JP.1 William Parker
b. c.1858
1. Eliza Percival
m. Feb. 16, 1881.
2. Elizabeth Johnston
m. Dec. 22, 1897
  005768-81 (Leeds Co) William PARKER, 23, widower, farmer, Ontario, Yonge Co, s/o Joseph PARKER & Eliza READY; married Eliza PERCIVAL, 22, Ontario, Elizabethtown twp, d/o Richard PERCIVAL & Sarah ENNIS; witn: R.H. PERCIVAL, Elizabethtown & Margaret PARKER, Yonge, 16 February 1881, Brockville
008627-97 William PARKER, 39, Farmer, Wid, New Boyne, Stittsville, s/o Joseph PARKER & Eliza READY; married Elizabeth JOHNSTON, 41, Kitley, Toronto, d/o Richard JOHNSTON & Francis McCORT; witn Manford JOHNSTON & Minnie JOHNSTON, both New Dublin; 22 Dec 1897, Elizabethtown
JP.x Joseph Nelson Parker
b. Oct. 23, 1865, Brockville ON
    Source: family
JP.y John Parker     Source: family

* = looking for grave stone photo.

BUM = Beckwith United, Maplewood Cemetery
COHT = Cemetery on the Hill, Toledo
HCSF = Hillcrest Cemetery, Smiths Falls
LVC = Lanark Village Cemetery
UCL = Union Cemetery, Lombardy
MVSF = Maple Vale Cemetery, Smiths Falls
PNE = Portland New Emmanuel
POE = Portland Old Emmanuel
SAUT = Saint Andrew's United Cemetery, also known as Toledo Presbyterian Cemetery
SJACP = St. James Anglican, Carleton Place
SPAN = St. Peter's Anglican, Newboyne
UCL = Lombardy Union Cemetery