Charlotte Weekes and Thomas Burgess

Charlotte Weekes
9.17.1851 - 1.19.1944

Spouse: Thomas Taylor Burgess
7.28.1854 - 6.30.1924

Marriage: 1.23.1877

Grave: Hillcrest Cemetery, Smiths Falls

Charlotte: Edward Fullerton and Mary Jane McAuley
Thomas: William Burgess and Jayne Taylor

Children: Mary Jane (Minnie), Lawrence Maude (Born October 14, 1884 in Lanark, ON), Bella, Florence, Loretta, Melvin Thomas

Thomas' Death Register

Perth Courier, Jan. 26, 1877 - Burgess-Weeks - Married, at the residence of the bride's father, on the 23rd Jan., by Rev. A. L. Peterson, Mr. Thomas Burgess of Carleton Place, to Miss Charlotte (Weeks), third daughter of Mr. E. F. Weeks of Lombardy.

Charlotte and Thomas

Thomas Taylor Burgess

Thomas Burgess' maternal grandparents were Samuel Taylor and Ann Leach. His great grandparents were William Leach and Ann Edwards. The birth registrations for Lawruce and Bella list Thomas as a section foreman for the CPR, living in Carleton Place.

Thomas' bothers and sisters were:

Nathaniel Burgess

Nathaniel was Thomas Burgess' brother. In the picture below, the bride is Mary A Burgess. The matron of honour is her sister, Martha Burgess. Both are daughters of Nathaniel, brother of Thomas Taylor Burgess.  The groom is Charles R Stoddard and the best man is John Boland (son of Ann Burgess?)

December 25, 1902 at the home of Nat Burgess, Brick St, Carleton Place, ON

Mary Burgess
John Boland, Martha Burgess, Charles Stoddard, Mary Burgess