William R. Bolton and Emily McCrea

William and Emily
William Richard Bolton and Emily McCrea

Emily McRae
Emily McCrea

William Richard Bolton
April 15, 1844 - May 18, 1931

Spouse: Emily McCrea
May 10, 1856 - March 30 1929

Marriage: March 7, 1877, Wolfe Island ON

William: Henry Bolton and Elizabeth McCann
Emily: Weir McCrea and Delilah Ellis

Elizabeth (Ready),
Evyline (Polk),
Myrtle (Preston) ,
Earl Henry,
Wilber Thomas,
Stuart Maxwell

Grave: Portland New Emmanuel Cemetery


1877 Marriage Registration
1901 Census Record
1929 Emily's Death Registration

William Bolton and kids
Evelyn (Polk), William Bolton with Myrtle (Preston) and Stuart c. 1893. Right half of photo missing.

Merrill Weekes - "William R. Bolton - 1844 - 1931. He lived in the older brick house on Hwy #15, just south of the Marina, and before the street leading into Portland. He probably owned most of the shoreline in that area, where he operated a ship building yard and a cheese box factory. The cheese boxes were made from elm, and delivered to local cheese factories in a long wheel-base truck with very high racks.

William Bolton and sons
William Bolton and sons and workers at the Portland cheese box factory

His son, Earl Henry Bolton, operated a saw mill on the location until about 1950.

I remember Mother [Roberta Ready (Weekes)] speaking about another son (Uncle Wilber Thomas) leaving home to seek his fortune when a very young man and was not heard from again. Destination Chicago or Western Canada?"

The cheese box factory, originally built by Charles A. White by Trotter's Creek, later burned down.

1901 Census - Bastard and Burgess Twp., District B1, Family 71
Loc #SurnameGiven NameSexRelat.StatusBirthAgePlace of BirthOriginReligionOccupation
259 Bolton William M Head M April 14, 1846 55 Ont. Irish Church of England Manufacturer
260 Bolton Emily F Wife M May 10, 1856 45Ont.IrishChurch of England
261 Bolton Evelyn F Dau. S Sept. 1, 1881 19Ont.IrishChurch of England Clerk Gen. Store
262 Bolton Myrtle S. F Dau. S Dec. 23, 1883 17Ont.IrishChurch of England
263 Bolton Earl H. M Son S July 15, 1886 14 Ont Irish Church of England
264 Bolton Wilbert T. M Son S April 28, 1889 11 Ont Irish Church of England
265 Bolton Stewart M. M Son S April 13, 1892 9 Ont Irish Church of England

William Richard Bolton and Emily McRea
1844: William born (according to his grave stone;
1851: Bastard census: Boulton William, age 7;
1861: Bastard census: William Boulton, Labourer, born U.C., Church of England, 16 next birthday;
1861: Wolfe Island census: McRay, Emily, 9 years old
1871: Bastard census: Bolton, William, age 25, Farmer;
1871: Wolfe Island census: MacRae, Emely, F, 19, ON, CS, Scotch;
1877: MS 932 REEL 20 Vol B - 002765-77, (Frontenac), "William Richard BOLTON, 28, Bastard Ont. Twp of Bastard, carpenter, s/o Henry & Elizabeth BOLTON married Emily McCray, 25, Wolfe Island, Wolfe Island, d/o Weir & Delilah McCRAY, Wit: William H. BOLTON & Mary Jane McCRAY- Wolfe Island Ont, Mar. 7, 1877, Church of England, married by James Godfrey by license"
1911: Bastard census pg 5: Bolton, William, L19 C2, M, Head, Born April 1845, age 65, born Ontario, Irish, Canadian, Anglican, in Mill. The 1911 census lists William as operating a sawmill, and all of the boys as working at a mill.
1911: Bastard census pg 5: Bolton, Emley, L19 C2, F, Wife, Born March 1854, age 57, born Ontario, Irish, Canadian, Anglican;
1929: Death Registration 021228 - Bolton, Emily; Female; Irish; 77 yrs 20 days; Born Frontenac Twp., March 6, 1852; 50 yrs at place of death; in Ontario: Lifetime; Father: Weir McCray, place of birth unknown; Maiden name of mother: Miss Ellis, place of birth unknown; Name of Physician: J.M. Dunn, Elgin; Name of Informant: Wm. Bolton, Portland, husband; Place of burial: Bastard Twp., April 1/29; Undertaker: A.L. Campbell, Elgin; Date of Death March 30/29.
1931: William Bolton dies

Portland New Emmanuel Cemetery
William R Bolton

1. Elizabeth (Ready) (1879-1909)

1879: Elizabeth Bolton born
1900: Robert Ready and Elizabeth married November 28, 1900 in Portland. Record 009595.
1901: Bastard census: Ready, Elizabeth, born Nov 11 1880, age 21 at last birthday (with Robert J. Ready)
1902: Roberta Ready born
1909: Elizabeth dies

Grave stone: Robert J. Ready / 1877 - 1946. / His Wife / Elizabeth Bolton / 1879 - 1909. / His Wife / Zeridia I. Baker / 1879 - 1964.

Parents: William Richard Bolton and Emily McCrea

2. Evelyn Bolton (September 1, 1881 - 1958)
Married: Joseph Willard Polk (April 16, 1880 - 1962)
Parents: William Richard Bolton and Emily McCrea

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3. Myrtle S. (Preston) ( December 23, 1883 -1979 )

Parents: William Richard Bolton and Emily McCrea

Spouse: William A Preston (1883 - 1962)

Children: Kenneth Joseph Preston (1917-1991), Norma Emily Chant (1914-1985)

1883: Myrtle Bolton born. Birth reg.: 016879 Bastard and Burgess, Dec. 23, 1883 - Myrtle; father Wm. R. Bolton, carpenter; mother Emily McCray; Dr. Preston.
1911: Bastard census pg 5: Bolton, Myrtle, L19 C2, F, Daughter, Born Dec 1884, age 27, born Ontario, Irish, Canadian, Anglican
      Preston William, Male, Son (of Joseph and Jessie), born June 1883, age 28
1913: William A. Preston and Myrtle S. Bolton marry March 19, 1913
1979: Myrtle dies at 95, February 25, 1979

Grave stone: William A. Preston 1883 - 1962 / his wife / Myrtle S. Bolton 1883 - 1979

"... Anthony Preston's property ... was ... granted by the crown to Anthony himself, in 1848. ... The Preston family eventually consisted of five boys and three girls. ... One son, Robert Henry, became a doctor ... he also served in the Provincial Legislature as a Member of Parliament for Leeds County. Anthony's youngest son, Richard Franklin, also became a doctor, and ... was elected first as a M.L.A. in the Ontario Legislature, and later became a member of the Dominion Parliament.

Joseph Preston, the second youngest son, continued the family farm with his wife, Jessie Barker, until their son, William, assumed ownership in 1923. When William married Myrtle Bolton in approximately 1910, the frame house, which is at present located close to the stone house, was moved here from County Road 5, no doubt to provide a home for the young couple. ..." - Haskins, My Own Four Walls

Kenneth Joseph Preston (1917-1991)

Ken Preston (Canadian football)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Born: October 19, 1917 Smith Falls, Ontario, Canada
Died: August 2, 1991 (aged 73) Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Kenneth Joseph Preston (October 19, 1917 – August 2, 1991) was a Canadian football player, coach and executive. He played for the Saskatchewan Roughriders (3 stints), Winnipeg Blue Bombers, and Ottawa Rough Riders. He was the Head Coach of the Saskatchewan Roughriders from 1946 to 1947.From 1958 to 1978, he was the Roughriders' General Manager. He was inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame in 1980 and the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in 1990. He also was inducted into the Roughriders' plaza of honor in 1987. From 1962 until his retirement in 1979, they made the playoffs every year."

4. Earl Henry Bolton
July 15, 1886, Portland ON - December 20, 1965, Kingston ON
Parents: William Richard Bolton and Emily McCrea

Spouse: Luella Pansy Green
1887 - 1968
Parents: Colin Green (1858 - 1929) and Clara Murphy Green (1856 - 1936)

Parents: William Richard Bolton and Emily McCrea

1886: Birth registration 018597, Bastard and Burgess: July 15, 1886;
1911: Bastard census pg 5: Bolton, Earl, L19 C2, M, Son, Born July 1886, age 25, born Ontario, Irish, Canadian, Anglican, in Mill
1913: Marriage: October 13, 1913, Newboro ON
1965: Earl dies in Kingston, December 20, 1965
1968: Luella dies
1979: Luella's second husband Ven. Seymour F. Tackaberry dies

September 20, 1979 obituary for Ven. Seymour Tackaberry, Luella's second husband.
Seymour Tackaberry
TACKABERRY. Ven. Seymour F., D.D., Beloved husband of Elsie, Ottawa. Father of George Foss, Edmonton, Alta. Predeceased by first wife Pearl Payne, Edmonton, Alta. Second wife Luella Pansy Bolton, Portland, Ontario. Sadly missed by nephew William Foss, Spruce Grove, Alta. and Jack, Saskatoon. Great nephews and nieces and stepchildren. Remains donated to research. Memorial service in context of family worship,All Saints Anglican Church, Westboro, Sunday, Sept. 23 at 10 a.m. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the charity of your choice.

Grave stone: Earl H. Bolton / 1886 - 1965 / His Wife / Luella Pansy Green / Mar. 30 1968

5. Wilber Thomas Bolton (April 28, 1889 - January 28, 1961)

1891: Bastard and Burgess census: age 2
1901: Bastard census: page 6, age 11
1911: Bastard census: page 5: Bolton, Wilber, L19 C2, M, Son, Born April 1889, age 22, born Ontario, Irish, Canadian, Anglican, in Mill
1961: Died, January 28, 1961 in Essondale Coquitlam, British Columbia [British Columbia Death Registrations 1872-1986]

Parents: William Richard Bolton and Emily McCrea

6. Stuart (Stewart) Maxwell Bolton (April 13, 1892 - March, 1976)

Spouse: Evelyn Mae Dailey (1901-1985)

1911: Bastard census pg 5: Bolton, Stewart, L19 C2, M, Son, Born April 1892, age 19 born Ontario, Irish, Canadian, Anglican, in Mill
1940: resided in Grand Rapids Michigan
1942: resided in Bay City Michigan
1976: Died March 1976, Phoenix Arizona

Parents: William Richard Bolton and Emily McCrea

Shirley Kay Hemerling (1927 - 2016)
Born in Grand Rapids, Kent, Michigan on 30 Oct 1927 to Stuart Maxwell Bolton and Evelyn Mae Dailey. Shirley Kay Hemerling married Arthur Elwyn Loerzel (1924 - 1992) and had 1 child. She passed away on 22 Apr 2016 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona.

Obituary Shirley Kay Lorzel October 30, 1927 – April 22, 2016:
Shirley Kay Hemerling was born in Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, October 30th, 1927. She and her brother Harry, were raised in the great depression, but there was nothing great about it. Times were tough, but she learned and kept some strong values. She knew what it was to be ‘without’, so she strove to be sure her children never were. When she was twenty years old, she married her first love – Arthur Lorzel. ... ... Art died in California in 1992, and her son Jeff died in 2009.

Jeffrey Lane Lorzel (1959 - 2009)