Alfred Jones

L-R: Annie or Sarah, Rebecca, Elizabeth Liscomb,
Norman Liscumb, Theressa (Liscumb), Hester, Annie or Sarah,
Alfred Jones. c. 1893.

Alfred Jones
6.20.1851 - 9.25.1928

1. Elizabeth Liscomb
8.14.1854 Osgoode ON - 4.12.1902 Mountain
Marriage: 2.11.1872, Vernon
2. Mary Crowder
1859 - 12.19.1932
Marriage: 12.16.1902

Grave: Maple Ridge

Alfred: William Jones and Rebecca Smith
Elizabeth: John Wesley Liscomb and Mary Jane Billingsley

Amanda Theressa (Liscumb) (4.23.1874 - 1968)
Annie Arminella (Baker) (1875 - 1973)
girl - d. infant
Sarah Jane (Stowell) (2.10.1879-6.3.1931)
son - d. infant
Rebecca Pearl (Billings) (9.14.1883- )
Hester McCamie (Everett) (11.3.1889-9.17.1917 )

Alfred's Death Registration

Theressa (Liscumb) said that Alfred Jones, after he married, moved on a farm at Winchester. The place was called Long Point, later West Winchester, now just Winchester. They had one cow, a yoke of oxen, a young horse and a few hens. The house had three chairs, a table, and a stove, an old cupboard for their few dishes, a bed and bureau, an old couch or lounge. Elizabeth cut up her wedding dress to make curtains for the windows, they had paper blinds. They cleared the farm, but first cleared enough land to plant potatoes, sugar cane (? sugar beets), some tobacco and vegetables the first year. In her account to Alfred Everett, Aunt Theressa said that her father made furniture for the house in his spare time.

Alfred made a living as a barn framer.

1901 Mountain Census
LineHouseholdNameSexRelationshipMaritalBirthdateAge at last birthday
3983Jones AlferdMHeadMJun 20 185149
4083Jones ElizabethFWifeMAug 14 185446
4183Jones Rebecka P.FDaughterSSep 14 188317
4283Jones Etta M.FDaughterSNov 3 189010


1911 Mountain Census
LineHouseholdNameSexRelationshipMaritalBirthdateAge at last birthday
16143Jones AlfredMHeadMJun 185159
17143Jones MaryFWifeMNov 186842

"Aug.31 - 1916. Residence of A. Jones" That is written on the back of the following photo in a hand that we don't recognize. It is interesting that there is such specificity in terms of the date. Usually we are left trying to guess the decade or even the century for older photos. The house is between Winchester and Inkerman Corner. As of 1996 the house was still there. The detail included here is small section of the complete photo, to see if anyone knows who the woman and lad are.

Alfred Jones